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Aaron Lyon

A native of the United States with roots stemming from New England, over 16 years ago, I fell in love with a girl from Malaga and decided to make the move to Spain to follow my heart. I was no stranger to traveling and had seen more of the world than most people my age in the United States. Attending college at the University of Miami and later living for eleven years in Los Angeles, I was used to living away from home, my friends, and my family. I enjoyed traveling, meeting new people, and seeing unfamiliar places. So, when the opportunity to move to Spain and be with what I felt was, and still feel is, the most beautiful woman in the world both inside and out, I didn't hesitate but, rather thought of the decision as another chapter of my life and went for it.

In the beginning, living in Spain wasn't easy as my Spanish language skills were not proficient, to say the least, and I struggled to find a career that I enjoyed. I eventually answered an ad with an established real estate company on the coast and was hired with little knowledge of the areas and the property market. It took some training and many months to learn the different areas, names of developments, and even years to develop relationships and the contacts I would need to build professional working relationships that would help me to become a successful estate agent. Working hard in a position that only awarded you when you were successful for your clients was a challenge I was willing to accept. Helping clients find their dream property abroad and getting them the best price was extremely rewarding. Their happiness and gratitude made me quickly realize that this was a job that I knew I would love for years to come.

It's been seventeen years now that I have been living in Spain and many of those years have been spent working in real estate. These days my family consists of three cats, a labrador, four children, and myself and my wife. All of them give me more than enough motivation to do my job as best I can. I continue to love meeting new people and will always work hard, and hope that we can work together to find you your perfect home here under the sun.
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Aaron Lyon

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