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2nd August, 2022

Your Ultimate Guide to Finding Your Dream Home

Your Ultimate Guide to Finding Your Dream Home

Have you been dreaming about your ideal place to live for a long time? Now that the pandemic has finally passed and the sun is once again shining over the UK property market, it could be the perfect time to make that dream a reality. Here is your ultimate guide to finding your dream home.

Understand your finances

When it comes to finding your dream home, the first and most important step is managing your budget and understanding which finance options are available to you. You will need to ask yourself: are you pre-approved for a mortgage? Which properties are within your budget? Do you have any savings for a down payment or future repairs? Are you willing to add any extra renovations or upgrades? Having a good grasp on how much wiggle room is within your budget will set you on the right path to your dream home and will prevent you from wasting time looking at any unsuitable listings.

Consider your current lifestyle

When imagining your dream home, it is important to factor in how the house will coincide with your lifestyle and if the location is suitable for your everyday needs. Will your home need an office or a nursery? Is the parking sufficient? Is the commute to your workplace reasonable? Don’t forget to establish a list of deal-breakers to narrow down your search and help with any tough decisions.

Find your style

Set the foundations of your search by deciding which style of home you’re looking for. Whether it’s a sleek, modern penthouse apartment in the city or a quaint, cosy cottage in the countryside, make sure you have assessed how your preferred style of home will fit into your budget and lifestyle and whether you are willing to make any compromises on your vision.

Find the most fitting location

It’s easy to picture your dream home in the most scenic spot you can think of, but make sure you consider all the amenities, restrictions and weather conditions that come with the location. If you are a pet owner, are there many busy roads around the property? For parents, are there any nearby schools and activity clubs? Also depending on your preference, is the home situated in a city or the countryside? Will there be any traffic noise? Are there any cycle routes? Try not to get too caught up in your daydreams without some grounded research - your chosen location should be equal parts functional and pleasant.

Get to know the local area

If you think you have found your perfect home, make sure it is situated in the perfect area. Before buying, it is always a good idea to explore the local area and meet some of your potential neighbours. This way, you can get a good idea of the type of community you will be living in, how far you will have to travel to work or for your food shop and whether there are people with similar lifestyles around who you are likely to connect with.

Evaluate your visit

After every viewing, you should carefully evaluate your visit for pros and cons, even if you think you have found your ideal home. Check if there is enough space for you and your family, think about how your chosen furniture would fit the layout, and assess whether the garden is suitable for any pets, children, or outdoor entertaining.

Remain open-minded

It’s important to take a flexible approach, as keeping your options fixated on homes in one location or with one specific feature could mean that you’re overlooking an even better-suited home. Keeping an open mind and being willing to make compromises will only broaden your list of potential dream homes and make it much easier to find the right one.

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