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8th September, 2022

Update Your Home Office

Update Your Home Office

If you’re going to be spending a lot of time in one room, the last thing you want is an uninspiring environment. Here are a few easy ways to keep your home office looking lively.

Add a feature wall

It can be difficult to feel motivated at work, especially if your office also happens to be your home. Add a splash of colour and interest with a feature wall close to your desk to help boost productivity and inspire focus. Adding shelves, notice boards and greenery will make your workspace feel sectioned off from the rest of your home, and differentiating between the two is important for your mental wellbeing.

Create a happy place with plants

Not only do houseplants absorb carbon dioxide, but they also take in gasses such as benzene (found in plastics and fabrics) and formaldehyde (found in detergents and cleaners). Plants eliminate indoor pollutants and improve air quality, therefore working alongside one will likely reduce stress and anxiety. It is also believed that having a plant nearby can reduce blood pressure and increase productivity by up to 12%.

Balance functionality and style

A practical and well-used space doesn’t need to be unsightly. Keep your office desk organised with stylish pen holders and paper trays; this will leave more room to embellish the space with photo frames, mementos, and lamps.

Mounted planners

If you need somewhere to visualise your plans and ideas, mounting a reusable weekly organiser to your wall is a great way to cut down on the chaos of wayward post-it notes and bins full of scrunched-up paper. Spread your ideas out over a board above your desk to declutter your mind and your space.

Fish tanks

Give yourself a visual break by adding a small aquarium to your office; just make sure it is not too close to the desktop. Fish tanks and their serene water sounds create a calming ambience which will help you focus on your work and ground you during any stressful moments.

Adjustable lighting

Intense lighting can be headache-inducing and distracting, especially when you are spending long periods of time focusing on a screen. Dimmer lights on a lower setting can take some of the strain off your eyes and create a homely environment completely under your control. Invest in a desk lamp so you can work under low lighting and have task lighting readily available when you need it.


Nothing is more distracting in your workspace than the confines of clutter and mess. It is common to double-up on your office space as a spare room for storage but if you are working from home often, this room should be considered a fully-fledged work environment and shouldn’t be cluttered with storage. It is unhealthy and unproductive to work in a chaotic space so make sure your office room isn’t serving too many additional functions.

Replace your chair

Trade out an old desk chair for a new comfy and colourful one to brighten up your space and create a focal point for the room. Back pain is not good for your health or your productivity, so invest in a quality chair with adjustable height that will support your back, and you will avoid suffering long-term health issues.


One of the greatest joys of working from home is being able to enjoy your own environment, so make the most out of your own space and personalise it with framed family photos, shelves of books or collectables, and posters of your favourite bands and movies.

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