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22nd September, 2022

Be Inspired by Nature

Be Inspired by Nature

Taking inspiration from nature is by no means a new concept and Fine & Country Property Staging enjoys nothing more than exploring the many ways, big and small, we can all be looking to the natural world around us when it comes to interior design.

Before interior design became a concept and interior designers split themselves from the purely architecture practice, those in charge of building cities and homes were acutely aware of the beneficial properties of opening brick and mortar to the fresh air, the green lush of gardens and forests and the running water of fountains and ponds.

This concept was also not only restricted to the Romans and Greeks, but widely practiced all over the world. In fact, cultures such as the Arabic and the Japanese became famous for it. Even nowadays, we visit these places as tourists and marvel at the sensorial experience. Why then, humanity steered away from these design guidelines and decided that the best course of action was to become bees in beehives? The answer is easy enough, the industrial revolution and the overpopulation of the cities.

Be inspired by nature in the home

For those lucky enough, back gardens or even internal patios have been favoured over yet another lightless room… for those a little less blessed with space, we have seen a more frequent use of vertical gardens, bigger windows to let the light in and even “winter gardens” are a popular option to be able to enjoy a protected outdoor space for flats in the middle of the city.

It is also extremely significant the role that sustainability, and a more conscious approach to our health, has had on interior design. In today’s modern era we look out for the more natural materials: real stones, cotton and linen fabrics, natural surfaces like wood, woven rattans and sisals. And if not natural, recycled is always favoured over new and mass produced.

Furniture and decorative objects have become organic in shape, softer to the eye and plush to the touch, with an very obvious Scandinavian influence and their Hygge philosophy. Having said that, even in the most formal and traditional townhouses and manors we are seeing this tendency, just interpreted in a different vernacular, such as arts and crafts furniture or landscaping mural wallpapers in the most formal areas.

To avoid leaving a space clinical and empty, people are opting for open and airy rooms filled with natural and organic shapes and materials and with a plant in each corner. This is hardly surprising as humanity is turning back to their origin. Even if we cannot surround ourselves with nature, we will try to emulate it in the spaces we decide to buy as our homes and the pieces we decide to fill it with. We know, even at a subconscious level, that our blood pressure lowers, and we are filled with a sense of calm. This, in turn, allows us to sleep better, to feel better and, at the end, to feel happier in our lives.

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